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Naukri Firefox Add-on

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes’s Firefox Add-on is an instant job search tool right in your browser!
Now you can search for the desired job in just one click without going to
Moreover, the Add-on tells you instantly which recruiter viewed your profile so you can be prepared for an interview call.
That’s not all – you can view and browse ‘Job Recommendations’ as well through the add-on.
With our Firefox add-on you will now be able to search thousands of jobs published on, without even visiting the website.
The add-on also offers quick links to all key features and services like Custom Job Alerts, Register with Naukri and resume services that are tremendous tools for catalyzing one’s job-hunt.

·          The Naukri Firefox Add-on UI is built using XUL and CSS. As a UI developer who likes to do his own mark-up, I found this combination a natural extension to my UI-dev skill set.
With the onset of vector-based web animation, JavaScript, and DHTML, the web-content becomes more interactive for users.
XUL and CSS may have some serious advantages for UI developer and Engineers. Engineers can work, nearly independently, on the functional bits of an application while a designer works on the interface. As pieces of functionality are available, they are exposed as pieces to the interface in a box-model described in XUL. Each item can be given a unique id or be associated with a class. From there, a UI developer with good CSS skill can have a great deal of control over the interface.
Working primarily with a CSS file and secondarily with a XUL file, a UI developer can then make changes to the interface and see those changes by simply closing and restarting the application. Here lies the beauty of XUL : there are no dependencies on an engineer to do a new build for the new interface changes to take effect.
In this way, the development of the interface can happen almost independently of the application back-end. An UI developer can even go as far to create new interface pieces in the XUL for the engineer to “hook-up” functionality to. Consequently, a UI developer can add significant control over the interface with little engineering resources allowing for a more considered and detailed execution of the application’s visual design.

Download the add-on here :

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