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User Behavior on forms

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It all started with a debate on adding more fields on couple of our forms.The users always find it painful to fill forms.

So our intent was to measure and reduce bounce-offs from a form of our jobs website for the gulf –

The idea was as simple as that : to track the user behaviour on the form. Whatever the user does on the form will be logged and analyzed. We gave ourselves an additional objective of making sure that the page load time graph doesn’t go north-wards after this tracking is added.

After researching on some existing open-source options, we decided to write a simple, crisp javascript code and called it TnM (Time and Motion) tracker.

TnM can capture and log the following:

1. Fields visited by the user on the page.
2. Order of field / elements traversal.
3. Time spent on each field / element.
4. Validation error(s) encountered while filling form field(s).
5. Values specified in each field.

It’s a fairly light-weight [2KB (9.832 KB uncompressed)], configurable & completely pluggable (independent of the page architecture) piece of code.

It can be downloaded from . Please go through its README file to know more.

In the next version of the TnM we also plan to include the optional parameters for capturing entire page download time, fix issues related to capturing drop-outs when page is opened in a new window/tab …etc. Hope to make it more useful and even more simpler.
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