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MyTrend for MySQL

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Data – the heart of any website. MySQL – most websites (including ours) are powered by it.

With increasing transactions, servers and database sizes, it was becoming a pain to manage and monitor all of it.
We thus built MyTrend – an ingenious tool to monitor data growth trend and server space utilization simple enough to be customized easily.
This is what it does :
 * Monitor Everything – Everything inside your MySQL can be monitored (Database Size, Connections, Slow Queries etc)
 * Analyze MySQL data collected over a period of time
 * Capacity Planning – Plan the growth of your business and be able to predict the future and apply the financial resources more accurately.
 * Cool Interface; All major browsers supported.
 * Fully customizable using web-based customization interface
Feature details  :
1.  Monitor Databases
MyTrend can be used to monitor data growth in a detailed manner at database table level also.
2.  Easy Integration
One-time setup/integration with your existing environment in 3 simple steps:
  • 3-click Installation
  • Configure your servers and set up a cron
  • Voila ! You are done.
3.  Plan Your Growth
Obtaining new equipment can take several weeks, requiring advance planning by the IT Administrator about the utilization of resources for the coming months.
With data collected by MyTrend, you will be able to easily analyze the growth of the MySQL data (example – Queries, Slow Queries, Connections, etc)
This planning is necessary to prevent the occurrence of critical incidents, such as a power overhead or exhaustion of storage.
MyTrend provides you with this planning capability in your armour.

4. Its Absolutely Free and Completely Customizable

Some screenshots :
MyTrend-TotalQueriesTrendGraph MyTrend-Stats MyTrend-DistributionGraph
* MyTrend is totally free for non-commercial use.
* You can modify the source code to suit your system and use it internally, as well as develop customized tools aggregating features to MyTrend.
* All settings and the values collected are stored in a simple format and are fully open
You can download the MyTrend from here