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Career Timeline

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What is the most important thing a recruiter looks into a Resume?
The answer is past employments and experience of the candidate.
It’s painful for the recruiters to look at the past employments of a jobseeker as he needs to scroll down and find the work experience section of the resume preview page.
During project revamp, we took the challenge to build a feature which will help recruiters to look at employment details without spending much time.
Why not show the entire career of the jobseeker graphically in a single line and place it strategically in the CV synopsis section which comes on the top of the page. So that whenever the recruiter opens the resume preview page he can see the entire career of the jobseeker at first sight. So we created Career Timeline – A feature, designed and developed to achieve the same along with enhancing the look and feel of the page.
Timeline is a way of graphically displaying a list of events in chronological order and can use any time scale, depending on the subject and data.
As front end engineers we were excited and thrilled to build such a complex feature which was never build/implemented @ Naukri before.
Challenges in development
  • Plotting the timeline was no cake walk. Handling variety of cases was in fact a huge challenge which was to be done without affecting the code quality and rendering time.
  • We finalized a simple JSON object which included all the details of the employment and education without deep nesting as it would increase the complexity of the object.
  • The employment data of some of the users in our database was uncertain so we had to handle huge variety of data on the client side. It took a lot of time and effort to figure out different cases and coding it with minimum complexity.
  • The timeline needs to be shown within a fixed width. So to make it visually appealing and uniform we had to restrict the timeline to maximum 15 years or 10 employments (whichever implies).
  • We went through a lot of coding and fixes to make it compatible for all major browsers.
*Snapshot of the Timeline object and the call to plot it.
*Snapshot of the Timeline
After going through a lot of challenges, brainstorming, development hours and rigorous testing rounds, finally the Career Timeline went live without affecting the overall page load time. Thus giving better user experience.

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