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“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it “ – Jack Welch
Culture of any company is that thing which binds everyone together but can not be seen or heard. It can only be felt and followed. As they say change is the only constant, so is the way at Naukri engineering team where we have been constantly evolving for growth.
As a result, our unique culture has too evolved over last few years. Our engineering culture rests on 7 important pillars all of which are reflected in way we work, approach challenges and overcome them.
It helps us bind together towards our vision and mission and create high energy workplace.
Here are the 7 principles which every engineer at strive to achieve.
The way technology is changing and competition is moving, it is imperative that we must move fast. We have to build things fast and more. Reduce waste of all kind (time, resources etc.) We follow agile and lean practices to build things at fast pace. Team try to automate things as much as possible like automated testing, server monitoring etc., so that we can focus more on moving ahead. There is always something which is already done somewhere in team(s). Philosophy is simple. Don’t reinvent just reuse.
“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci
This mantra reflects in the way we design our solutions, architecture and adopt different technologies. Focus is to make problems simple for one and all. It is extended to even the way we communicate and expect things to be done.
Yes we do hack but our growth. We expect people to have hacker mindset to improve existing things and build new things at a faster pace. Learn fast and apply the learnings to improve further.
Lights Always On
Scale at which we operate and criticality that our systems have on business makes it imperative that everything is up and running. Even a small downtime can affect business severely. Focus is to keep each and every application up and running, day and night.
This requires that we put right processes, tools and empower people to own things. People own things like their babies. This helps keep our users find right jobs anytime anywhere.
Work done fast but not done well will lead us to nowhere. That’s why we put great emphasis on building things well. Ensuring quality of applications, architecture, processes and people is inherent to the growth of
People are happy when they are respected and well appreciated. Small things like coming to meetings on time, taking care of facility and complimenting people on their success and contribution, goes a long way in building a happy workplace.
We are all bound by one culture and everything we do affects everyone. Everything we do and own is shared by one and all. Right from code asset to knowledge resource is collectively owned by entire engineering team. So we try not to build boundaries around anything and are open for feedback and changes.
No one is perfect and we are no exceptions. We have evolved over time and we continue to do so. Our culture is what keep us together and help us focus again and again. Want to know more about our culture? Drop us a comment below.
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