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Apple Push Notification Service in Naukri

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Having a job or career determines your self worth.  Yes, you heard it right! Knowing  you   can   do   something well and earn something for your skills is a great feeling. That’s  the   main motto of Naukri. To abridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters.   And  to   follow this, Apple Push Notification Service is one of the several services used in Naukri   ios   app.   It   is   a   service   provided   by   apple to send the push notifications to apple  devices.

Push notifications are a way to send the information to users and to bring them on board.   In   Naukri,   we   use   this   to   send   the recommended jobs to the job seekers.   This   is  an   extremely   valuable feature to the users   as   well   as   to   the   company.   From   the   user’s  perspective, they receive the recommended jobs or any important updates in real­time  even when the app is inactive. This way Naukri takes care of its customers need.

For those who are new to APNS, let’s have a brief introduction on how APNS works.

As mentioned in ​Apple’s official documentation​  : 

  1. The app registers for push notifications with SSL connect. 
  2. Device   receives   the   device   token   which   acts   as   an   address   where   the  notifications will be sent. 
  3. Client app uses this device token to send the notifications. 
  4. Client app send this device token to your server  
  5. When   the   app   wants   to   push   any   message,   the   server   send   a   push   notification   to APNS 
  6. And then APNS send the push notification to user’s device.

Usage at Naukri 

Currently, in Naukri, push notifications are used for the following functionalities: 

  • Recommended jobs ­ Sending Recommended jobs to the users.
  • Update   Profile – keeping   your   profile   updated   helps the   naukri   to   suggest   more   relevant   jobs to their users.   
  • What’s   New – Announcing   new   features   and   updates for better experience of users.  
  • Apply   History – Showing   apply   history   of   the   user  helps the user to track his actions. 

Handling Badge Number 

Badge is a little red circle in the top right corner of your iOS app, which tells the user that there is some information to be read. But there are some cases in which the badge number displayed over the app is incorrect. This can confuse and frustrate the user. So, to handle such issues Naukri has adopted few solutions.  

  • Badge number always come from server in payload. So, in order to ensure that the badge number should be cleared after the notification has been read , the badge counter is first locally updated and then server is notified about the change.
  • If a user is logged in from multiple devices then all the devices receive the push notifications. 
  • The device id is cleared on the server if user logout to ensure that the next user whosoever will login on the same device doesn’t receive unnecessary notifications

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