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Import resumes by bulk upload

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Recruiters generally collect lot of resumes from email or from many other recruiting software. Over a period of time they have lots of resume stored as individual files or in compressed format. It becomes nearly impossible to look for a candidate from the huge collection of resumes stored at multiple places in multiple formats.

Career Site Manager (CSM) is the one stop solution for application tracking which includes the capability to handle such scenarios and make it easier for recruiters to store resumes and search for relevant candidates.

Rather than painstakingly uploading all your resumes to CSM one by one, you can move all of them in bulk. With CSM, You can upload multiple individual files, excel files, compressed files like zip, rar and even stored mails like PST files. CSM will extract only the resume files from the compressed formats and convert them to a structured data using a resume parser. CSM then uses custom search algorithms to provide you with relevant candidates.

Uploading multiple resumes to our recruiting software through a ZIP or CSV file will save you a ton of time, and help ensure that no resume get inadvertently overlooked.

Recruiters also have a collection of resumes in a folder on their computers. Once you start using CSM, you’ll probably want to store all of these in a centralized place.

How CSM converts files to profiles ?

After recruiter upload a resume, our ATS software will create a candidates searchable profile, parse information like name, contact information, etc. and put them in the appropriate fields.

The whole process can be summarized from the diagram below


Gather up all those attached PDFs and DOCs and stuff them into CSM.

Now sit back and let CSM do the work. We’ll parse the documents and scan them for the following fields:

  • Candidate name
  • Email address and contact information
  • Educational details
  • Company details

If the fields are found, we’ll extract the data from the documents and enter it directly into the candidate profile. This makes it much easier to build a more complete profile of your applicant’s skills and qualifications while reducing the need for manual data entry for every resume you upload.

CSM also checks email addresses to see if candidates already exists in your database to prevent any duplicates.

Once complete, the candidate profiles will be added to the job requirements. If you spot a mistake, or need to add any data, you can edit candidate details  by clicking on the candidate’s name at the top of the page.

What are different upload options available in CSM ?

  1. Single Profile – Upload a word doc and fill details
  2. Excel uploads – Upload an execl with candidate details & system will create searchable profiles.
  3. Multi upload – Multiple files in one go. Upload a word, a pdf, a zip file all in one go
  4. Bulk upload – Mega files upto 10 GB each [Outlook mail archive files .pst, .rar, .zip]
  5. Link Email – Connect your email id with CSM & get responses from other job boar


How big files can be uploaded?

Individual resume file should not be more than 1 mb but for compressed file like zip, rar or pst file size upto 10GB can be uploaded.

What if the internet connection is lost while uploading a Bulk File?

The system will automatically start uploading from where the connection got lost. The progress wont get lost.

Even if the process doesn’t resume on it’s own, you can try and upload the same file again with in next 24 hours. The upload will resume from where it was interrupted.

What about Duplicate Profiles?

If there are duplicate entries in the same file that is being uploaded, the system will create only 1 profile. If the same file is uploaded twice against the same requirement, then also the profiles will be ignored.

The two major challenges that were handled during the development of this feature were

  1. Big file upload
  2. Parsing of PST files

You don’t fit into any of the above category – No problem (we love a challenge). Contact us with the details and we’ll see how we can help with a Custom Import Service.