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Why customer reviews are important for us

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Since last 3 years, Naukri has an aggressive mobile approach. We actively develop our Android and iOS apps and maintain them. While product roadmap and technology are the main drivers of our work, the other biggest contributor are our customers.

At Naukri, customer focus is our Key responsibility area. To ensure this we give everyone in the team the exposure to holistic view and end users. One way we do this is our Roster program. Roster is periodic rotation responsibility to monitor the live users behavior.

Play store reviews give us the biggest platform to be in touch with our users and their feedback. Apart from our other reporting interfaces, person on roster has to religiously go through each and every review we receive on playstore/iTunes app store.

He/She shares the good and bad reviews with the team also, especially the bad ones. A bad review is taken very seriously and picked in team as P1. We try to reply to every bad review and take more details that will help us resolve the issue reported.

Improvement suggestions are added to our pipeline/product backlog.

The roster approach and the team’s commitment to providing a good experience to our users’ makes us passionate about our work and motivates us to work harder.

Sharing a recent example where a review helped us uncover a bug and how team went all the way to fix it. That’s what separates market leaders to followers.

We received a few reviews on playstore saying that Job description screen was freezing. On digging the issue we found logs of JD freezing in Android M, Nexus 5.

Issue was not reproducible even when we tried on multiple Nexus 5 and Android M combinations. Team debugged and found a probable piece of code that could be optimized for memory and prepared an apk.

With help from tech support team we found a customer who was facing this issue.

With efforts from our QA team and Techsupport, we got an unhappy jobseeker to meet us and share the device.

2 of our tech team members went all the way to CP in Delhi to meet her, saw the issue and then tried our fix version on it. The issue got resolved on her phone with this apk. We added this fix to our app and made it live the same week. When we spoke to the same customer later, she was happy and thanked us.

Eventually we had a happy customer!

That’s the spirit and passion that the engineering team at Naukri is proud of.

Good review like ones below are what make our day!

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