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Find Similar Candidates

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Resdex is one of the most commonly used product by recruiters in the country to search the desired candidates. Resdex provides various options to ensure the hiring is more targeted and less time consuming.

What is Resdex ?

Resdex is’s Resume Database Access. has acquired a large database of over 48.1 million jobseekers across industries, functions, locations and experience levels.

With a Resdex subscription recruiters not only get access to the database but also easy to use search tools that help in searching for the right candidate with utmost convenience.

  • Resdex is not only the largest but also the fastest growing database of jobseekers.
  • Profiles registered are spread across industries, functions and experience levels.
  • Candidates can be contacted real time either through E-mail or SMS.
  • The database has candidates from various locations including international locations as well.

Now what are Similar Resumes and why did we build this for recruiters ?

Many a times there are relevant resumes on our database that are similar to the profile recruiter are looking for, but may not match all the criteria which has been mentioned in the search form. There can be a minor mismatch in terms of location, years of experience, educational qualification etc. But as a result, recruiter miss out on good resumes because they may not reflect in their search results at all. Our recommendation engine of “Similar Resumes” will help recruiter in reaching these resumes.

It also happens that recruiter wanted to find a specific resume that they viewed or shortlisted and wished that they could find more resumes like these without going through the entire list of resumes.

Similar Resumes helps recruiter to explore candidate’s profile in whole new way.

Its results are different for every candidate based on our intelligent algorithm that uses candidate Key Skills, Designation, Functional Area, Education & Resume Summary etc. It helps to find alternate for particular resume and maximize your reach for other relevant candidates.

We provide tabs of similar resumes to recruiters, both on SRPs and preview pages of jobseekers, as shown in the figure below:



This feature is also based on the behavioral patterns of recruiters.

Engineering Details

To get an idea of how Similar resume can be made to work, check the flow diagram below.


Scaling Similar Resumes

Initially, we tried using search function to find similar resumes, but there are downsides of using search. First, search is very expensive and it does not fit well with our aggressive performance goal because it is not scalable and may take longer than expected. Second, our high number of CV views by the recruiters create a lot of extra traffic on downstream search service. Given these two limitations, we moved to an offline workflow, where we created a job to scan all CVs and store the calculated result in a database with the key as jobseeker email/username. This offline job runs every night and pushes the results to our similar CV database, our distributed key-value storage system. When the CV detail page is loaded, it gets the key from the CV and uses it to find corresponding similar CVs.

Future of Similar Resumes

We believe this feature will open a new perspective for our recruiters. We are working more to further enhance this module by including our new feature which called as “Suggested CVs”. Suggested CVs works on certain learning heuristics and searching. These suggestions can be as simple as other people working in similar companies with similar designations or complex with various parameters involved to search the required suggestions.

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