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Naukri Android App v9.0 Beta

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The itch of having your app to be the most updated with industry and the passion of doing the best in performance (As per our mobile design principles for memory, size, network and speed); these are what keep the engineering team here motivated.

The latest Naukri Android app release (v9.0) bundles new features and lots of technical improvements.

An existing user will get to see a completely new and improved user interface with Material.


The app’s Dashboard has been revamped for easy access to new jobs, updates and actions to be taken by a jobseeker. Users can now Browse IIT/IIM jobs, Banking and Financial sector jobs, Engineering jobs and lot more in just one click.


While all these will give enough meat to a jobseeker, there are a lot of goodies in this bundle for an engineer (Diwali came early this year!)

Presenting MVP

The app has been revamped to incorporate MVP architecture that makes the app more stable. As captured in our separate blog post,

The three elements of MVP are,

  • Model: implements business logic to fetch and save data and any other logic that the data must adhere to.
  • View: accepts user input and updates the display.
  • Presenter: handles communication between the Model and It is a business object that contains the business logic that used to reside in Activity/Fragment.

It helped us achieve the following,

  • Better code organization with well separated layers
  • Cleaner, modular and more readable code.
  • Completely testable and reusable Presenter layer.
  • The unit test coverage for views has increased by almost 40% which is a major breakthrough.
  • Complex Activity classes which were closely coupled with interface and data now become very simple.

Nougat fans

For those with early Android N version already on their devices, the team has fixed a couple of issues that might have hampered your experience. So come Nougat roll-out to all, we are all ready in advance.

Better performance

App will show faster loading of a lot of screens including Job description, Recommended jobs, Custom Job Alert Jobs and Saved jobs. This has been achieved through caching, code optimizations and auto load on scroll.

Bye bye PNG

Vector Drawables have been used across the app to show the images and thus the app size has come down by an MB.  More details captured in our separate blog post,


Unit Tests written in this release used Mockito for creating mock objects. These effectively fake some external dependencies so that the object being tested has a consistent interaction with its outside dependencies. Mockito intends to streamline the delivery of these external dependencies that are not subjects of the test.

Cut the flab

Butterknife was introduced for field and method binding of Android views which uses annotation processing and injects code at compile time. It reduced amount of code we write and helped us get rid of findViewById calls.

If all the above makes you interested to try out the new app and you can’t resist taking a sneak peak…. Job Search Beta

We invite you to a testing program for an unreleased version of the Job Search app.

As a tester, you’ll receive an update that includes a testing version of the app. Please note that testing versions may be unstable or have a few bugs. Click here to become a Beta tester. Send us your feedback at

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