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Hackathon 5.0 @Naukri

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Hackathon Sept 2016,

We call it Hackathon 5.0 #Build #Learn #Connect

Hacking is a mysterious and exciting word, and hackathon is a long stretch full of mysteries and excitement.

We @Naukri organise hackathon every 6 months to experience that awesomeness and hack into our existing system.

Objective, improve something, make processes hassle free and available to all, or create something from scratch that would be like a new venture for Naukri.

Project idea and effort is completely yours, we just provide mentors, snacks and fun games around.

17 Sept, Hackathon 2016

Started with logo designing, gigs, invitation mail designs and then we teased the crowd with our simple and mysterious teaser.

Naukri Hackathon 5.0 Teaser Video

Smart people easily guessed what is cooking in our heads and we sent the official registration mailer.

We felt talent can be found anywhere and we respect that. In due course, for the first time ever we allowed external participants to come up and hack into something as awesome as they are.

Guess what we were right and we got some nominations till 8th Sept.

We got some awesome talented people who wanted to make a dent, of course after getting pre-approval for their projects from our architects(security concerns).

1. A contributor can participate Individually or as a Team.
2. Teams participating can have atmost 4 members.
3. A Contributor can be part of multiple teams
4. Only registered project(s) would be evaluated by a panel of judges (“Judges”).


1. Final submission should be accompanied by a GIT Repository URL
2. Deadline to submit project(s) was 1000 hrs on 18th September, 2016

Evaluation & Prize Distribution

1. The panel of judges would be evaluating the project(s) over the course of following week.

2. We evaluate on the following:




How early can we ship it to production

… and we love humor {HINT ;-)}.

3. Final results,
1st Prize — 20000 INR
2nd Prize — 12000
3rd Prize — 6000

Apart from this, Don’t forget that your projects will be made live and guess what you are the proud owners of the project.

On 17 Sept, 2016,

Everyone was excited and with a huge smile on the face.

We distributed our Naukri Hackathon gigs to all participants and served breakfast.

Everyone gathered at one place before 1000 hours. We started with appreciating people who registered very first. Our CTO and other senior members then declared the Hackathon 5.0 as open.

Everyone started with their projects, the environment was full of lot of discussions and all geeky people around.

Glimpse, some time later …

We had organised a lot of fun games to kill the boredom and monotony. Everyone behaved like a kid when participated in lemon race 😉

… and it dropped

We as hosts, kept on reminding everyone about various events, Snacks, meals etc

We had all architects available to come up with their awesome ideas and to help other participants.

At around 1600 hrs, the mentors/architects approached each team asking about

  1. Idea
  2. Any issues they are facing
  3. How to approach for scalable solution?
  4. How to make it easy to integrate for our existing systems?

And so on…

Trust me, The excitement was at the whole different level.

Let me conclude this day now, as I am excited to let you know about winners.

We declared the Hackathon 5.0 as closed at 1000 hours on 18th Sept, 2016 and had a photograph with all participants around. We got around 30 project submissions and all were looking out of the box from the titles.(trust me they were the same while evaluated).

Projects and Experiences :

Bot Development Kit

Motivation :

We are building lot of cool stuff @Naukri, like we want to build bots which can help you get a job, post a job, learn stuff to keep your skills updated and many more.

BDK is a genric solution to create and manage your own bot.

Unique Selling Point :

We may not be unique in the world, but we developed a platform for upcoming generation of bots for Naukri, and guess what we may open source for all you folks out there.

What did you achieve ?

We came to learn a lot of things. like artificial intelligence, NLP, lexical analysis etc.


Motivation : We wanted to give a personalized experience to our users. So we wanted to develop some network where our users can compare the growth and can see what people in their network are doing.

Here they can see their seniors and peers information. Based on this data, we suggest jobs that her peers are working.


  1. Personalized graphs (Companies, Key Skills & CTC).
  2. Fittest jobs (show top 5 or 10 jobs)…then more jobs with filters.
  3. CTC trend. (start saving salary change data) — use it for pitching something like — ”Your batchmates have got 20% average hike in last year where as you have got only 7% hike….want us to recommend best jobs to you….here are top 3 jobs to get good hike”.
  4. Success Stories — Top 3 (this will change based on company selection by the user) . (It can also be based on dream company — which can be asked at the time of preview).

Unique Selling Point

We are more focused on getting you better job and we never tried to engage with user.

You login to get a job and we are №1 in the same in India. No non-sense business.

Recently, we thought we should provide the users a connect with their peers and network.

So we came up with this project to increase the engagement.

What did you achieved ?

Learning of exiting PUBLIC_SMALL porting.

Learning of Python, Fuzzy matching and Elastic search with Kibana.

                                             NaukBot : A Naukri Slack Bot Assistant

NaukBot : A Naukri Slack Bot Assistant

Motivation : We are an internet company and used by millions, We want to approach 0% downtime and hence we want a proactive and supportive alerting system. This bot alerts us for the live issues and it can also provide the information at a single click.

Unique Selling Point :

Naukri’s favorite chatting client

Quick, deliver information with single call to action commands

Easy integration with different channels / apps

What did you achieved ?

Learned various technologies like Slack RTM, zabbix api, bot natural language processing etc. And third prize 😛

Winners :

First :


Members — Srikanth Reddy, Prabin Meitei

Description — It is an innovative idea which is solving a real use case for us. This is a web hook which actually help us track the mail communication, thereby provide the information that we currently can not provide to the recruiter (Like expected candidate count on walk-in jobs, calendar invites for interview scheduling etc)

Second Prize :

Bot Development Kit

Members — Lucky Sharma, Chandan Kumar, Khirod Naik, Gaurav Kumar

Description — It is an innovative idea which creates a possibility and a platform to create a next generation of bots. We can not reach you with just wires and servers, but a bot can sit between you and us. We want to interact with you like humans, so BDK can help us create a close to human bot.


Third Prize :


Members — Rohit Sharma, Ankur Gupta, Sanjoli Jain, Mayank Mishra

Description —It is a simple, well executed and powerful idea. This can be very effective to increase productivity of the teams and reach out the live issues quickly. We are approaching 0% downtime and it has the potential to achieve the same.


Special mentions :

Jobs on Map — Mohd Rihan Ansari and Prashu Agarwal


API Gateway — Neelesh vyas, Sidharth Papreja, Pushkar Narayan, Priya Juneja and Himanshi Shakya

OCR — Deepak Tiwari, Abhishek Kushwaha, Hira Sharma and Amritanshu Singh

Recruiter can post job just by scanning job listings on newspapers, pamphlets, flyers etc


Local Jobs — Himanshu Gupta, Smarth Singla and Rahul Narang


Flakiness Calculator — Abhijit Singh and Rajat Jain


Keep hacking, keep building awesome stuff and yeah, don’t forget to contribute back to the community.

Because we @Naukri are big FANs of OPEN SOURCE.

See you all next year 🙂

Hackathon 5.0

#Build #Learn #Connect


#NaukriEngineering #Team