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Hackathon 4.0

What describes the success of an event? The fact that people want it to happen again very soon. Yes, Hackathon 3.0 ended with much appreciation and excitement with people discovering what they are capable of developing overnight, the response was indeed tremendous and hence the Naukri Engineering team wanted to have Hackathon twice an year. So the fourth edition of Hackathon was held on 16th-17th January 2016, with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Employees gathered at the Naukri HQ in Noida for 24-hours of hacking fun. There were more than 50 impressive projects, many of which were completed... Read More

Better Practices in PHP – Speed up your code

“There's ALWAYS a way to fix something.” --Steven Wolff And when you are using PHP, there are multiple ways to fix something. What we need to determine is, that which way is the best. Computation is not like solving a maths problem, where simplicity can be determined by the number of lines. Computation requires resources, for example CPU Cycles and memory. Now when we have got multiple ways to solve a problem, we need to think in terms of computation and how much resources it will take. The objective is to accomplish the task in minimal number of steps, but different functions in... Read More

Hackathon 3.0

What happens when productivity, talent and innovation come together, bounded under a time limit?   Answer is “Hackathon”. The word seems all exciting by itself. It means ‘hacking’ and ‘marathon’ combined. And the fun part is, by ‘hacking’, we don’t actually mean performing illegal activities, but to construct a useful piece of software that enhances productivity. So, did we achieve it this time? Yes, this time as well. Every year we conduct Hackathon at Naukri where our entire technology team participates in it. This year we conducted our 3rd Hackathon for... Read More