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The All-New Naukri iOS App (6.0)

Naukri iOS team is always on the lookout to keep its mobile app most updated with industry. Swift technology & new user interactions gave us a chance to pick up a major revamp. The passion of doing the best in performance (as per our mobile design principles for memory, size, network and speed) kept the engineering team motivated even more. The latest Naukri iOS app release (v6.0) bundles new features and lots of technical improvements. [caption id="attachment_4461" align="alignnone" width="476"] Naukri iOS App[/caption]   Key Improvements: From Objective C to... Read More

Static Framework for iOS

Why we need framework: Fast iterative compilation times (up to 3x faster). Easy distribution and packaging. No modifications to Xcode. Simple set-up for third-parties. Support for building the framework as a dependent target (i.e. modifying source in the framework and building an app will automatically rebuild the framework and relink as expected). Works with the latest version of Xcode. Constraint to support .framework: There are a few constraints that we want to satisfy when building a .framework: Fast iterative builds when developing the framework. We may... Read More

Benchmarking of iOS Applications with AppTracer Framework

In Naukri, we always keep striving that our products keep high value in the terms of quality. High quality is the only key to make the business sustain. For ensuring the high quality of the product, we follow many benchmarking procedure. One of them is the AppTracer Framework. Following are some of the metrics that plays an important role to achieve the high quality: Application load time. API response time on different type of network like 2G, 3G, etc. Views render time after getting the response from API. Exception & crashes AppTracer framework provides a benchmarking... Read More