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Naukri Mailers: Best Practices & Guidelines

Mailers are one of the oldest ways of promoting a brand and connecting to customers. As a layman, mailers might be similar to any other webpage but sometimes creating mailers are way difficult than creating a normal webpage. The big question is what makes mailers difficult to create. So below are some points: Mailers are not standardized Mail clients use very different techniques to render mailers hence a developer need to code accordingly Mail clients do not understand normal HTML. Tables in HTML are the best they can understand CSS files cannot be used as mail clients render... Read More

Resource Timing API on the address bar… enter… and yes we want our site to load in less than 2 secs ideally. If not, we are giving a bad experience to the users. Yes we all want our web applications to load in as much less time as we can. But with growing richness of the web applications, the web applications are becoming heavier and it has become very important to find ways to improve the speed of our web applications. Improving speeds of website does not only mean minifying javascript files and compressing images, these days websites consists of a lot of external contents as well... Read More