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Why does Product Backlog Grooming Matter?

Product Backlog grooming is something that we have discovered to be valuable, and it has lead to a more productive sprint-planning meeting. Purpose of backlog grooming is to make improvements to the product backlog by providing input on the current state of upcoming stories. This includes getting clarity, identifying dependencies, risks, assumptions, acceptance criteria which can lead us to estimate & plan better. A Backlog Grooming session should be used for: Detailing out user stories to define “what” and “how” Breaking down user stories that are too big (epics) - it... Read More

Selenium Page Object Code Generator

How Selenium Page Object Code Generator helped us bring down the coding time from 4.5 hours to less than 5 minutes for a single page object!! How it started: Back in 2012 we used to have separate teams for manual and automation testing. Automation team comprised of 2-3 people, who were working on customized hybrid framework in Selenium whereas the manual testing team was of approx. 25-30 people. This dedicated automation team used to cater to the automation needs for all Info Edge sites like,,, & The automation work... Read More