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Static Consolidation v2

At change is good especially when it brings scalability and transparency to the system.Here at FED (Front end development) team we follows a pre-defined folder structure for our UI projects. Previously the following folder structure was used:/c - css files/i - images/j - js filesIssue with it was except the above three type of resources one cannot keep other resources in here as deployment tags which only includes c, j, i were to be made from the same directory.The new structureIt has two major folders: /src & /gen. /src - This is the working directory/c - css files/i -... Read More

Q-Unit : Test your private code

A tested and well-documented code is what we all strive for.At Q-Unit (JavaScript testing framework) has been the integral part of the Front End Development (FED) team since last one year. Qunit is cool but when it comes “Testing JavaScript’s private functions without modifying the code”  it gets rigid.Let us see step-by-step how we solved the above problem:Design plugins in object literal formatIn object literal format every function is global. Though it makes testing easy but it exposes all our functions which is a paltry way of coding.Example.API  = { private :... Read More

Grunt : Automate your UI processes

In today’s world Front-end Engineering is moving in an entirely new generation of web applications. Apps are becoming complex with richer UI and better interactions. But with it comes the ever increasing size of UI resources and their management.Managing UI resources effectively is posing as a major challenge to the Front-end world.Grunt is our preferred tool  for UI task automation. It’s a task runner, offering a lot of bundled plugins for common tasks.The best comes when you can combine various tasks together to create your own more powerful bundle.Following are some usual tasks we... Read More

Multi-threaded text extraction with UIMA

       This is about using a great tool in a better way. UIMA is a framework and world wide standard for text analytics applications. UIMA is being used for text extraction / annotation in a number of  applications. We built an information extraction service using UIMA framework .It's an online service, expected to be efficiently functional, scalable and consistent in a multi-threaded high concurrency environment. Unfortunately it wasn’t.UIMA : Extraction FrameworkUIMA, an apache technology, is a framework and standard for text analytics... Read More

Sikuli – Adding power to Selenium

Selenium WebDriver is a tool for writing automated tests of websites. It aims to mimic the behavior of a real user, and as such interacts with the HTML of the application. (source: []).However in test cases where we need to interact with elements outside of the webpage WebDriver becomes powerless. One such test we encountered was:Clicking on a button in the browser window sidebar1)   Start FireFox2)   Navigate to an URL3)   Start SQL inject-me... Read More

Naukri Firefox Add-on’s Firefox Add-on is an instant job search tool right in your browser!Now you can search for the desired job in just one click without going to, the Add-on tells you instantly which recruiter viewed your profile so you can be prepared for an interview call.That’s not all - you can view and browse ‘Job Recommendations’ as well through the add-on.With our Firefox add-on you will now be able to search thousands of jobs published on, without even visiting the website.The add-on also offers quick links to all key features and services like... Read More

TechIE Meet 2011

The long awaited annual event for technology teams of InfoEdge.It was a very engaging and academically stimulating day filled with tech talks by seasoned members of the engineering teams.Talks were on a myriad of subjects - from HTML5, javascript, MongoDB to matching algorithms. We also had an extenal speaker from ThoughtWorks to talk about how the Martin Fowler coached organization practices agile. Some folks even demonstraated working prototypes of a bunch of interesting products in the works. Fascinating !The talks were followed by a quiz with an iPod touch up for grabs. And ofcourse... Read More

The power in popping the hood

The search engineering team @ Naukri labs has had a tradition of not only using open source, but delving deep inside the software we use for better understanding and ultimately control -- in other words, taking advantage of the "open" in open-source. As can be expected, for our core search and intelligence capabilities we rely heavily upon various open source projects. Yet, given the complexity of our requirements as a domain-leading portal, it is to be expected that none of the tools, frameworks or apis out there give us out-of-box configure-and-deploy capabilities. At the same time,... Read More

A window to our world

We've been around for quite some time but largely have been under the radar. Here's changing that and offering a peep into our world.We intend to share our learnings, challenges and more out here.