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ATS @ naukri – Solution and Architecture

This blog is in continuation to the part1 of the series - In part1, we discussed, what is an ATS and what challenges are faced in sharing responses across ATSs. Here we present the solution we have built to tackle this problem Solution: We have built a generic, robust, scalable and efficient system, wherein we can support a varied number of connection methods following different protocols, needing different inputs in different formats at different time intervals. This system is still in its early stages. If a client comes with requirements which we never encountered or... Read More

ATS @ naukri – Sharing responses across systems

Introduction To begin with, you should know what is an ATS. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs We have a couple of ATSs at CSM - Apart from offering an advance ATS, CSM (CareerSite Manager) also helps you create career-sites. EAPPS - EAPPS (Electronic Application Software) is an efficient response/resume management tool to streamline your recruitment process BRV- BRV (Basic Response Viewer) is a simpler version of eApps. It is also a response management tool but with... Read More