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MongoDB Cluster Exceptions

In the previous blog for Mongo, we came to a conclusion how Mongo was a better choice for our situation. Carrying it forward we implemented Mongo with clusters to log the fields' edit and view time of the users. Problem Statement :- After turning live, we faced an unusual exception from the Mongo cluster which set up an alarming situation for us. The exception that we encountered was something like this :- Failure to send “getnonce” command to database “db1” . Failure to send all requested bytes So, getnonce is a command used by client libraries to generate a one-time password... Read More

User Data Logging Using Mongo

Torture the data, and it will confess to anything......... Why bother capturing data ? Data has become the most valuable commodity to every Internet company out there and therefore collection of data turns up to be a very essential task. Such was the need encountered by Naukrigulf team. The product team asked us to come up with the solution to log the modified and view timestamp for every jobseeker fields like username, salary, photo, work experience, etc. So, we needed to capture when a particular jobseeker viewed a particular field and which ones he edited. The very sole purpose of... Read More