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Gitlab Force Push Update Hook

Like any other organization we at Naukri use “Git” as version control system for our code and since most of our code is proprietary, we have one of the most popular solution to manage Git repositories on-premises i.e. Gitlab There are various challenges faced during code collaboration and versioning while working with multiple teams / developers. One of them is “Force Push”. Usage of --force flag while pushing our code to Git is considered destructive as it unconditionally overwrites the remote repository with whatever you have locally, possibly overwriting any changes that a team... Read More

Version Control : Code Development : Migration : Learnings

Versioning of Code is an extremely important process in Code Development. Hence, a version control system which complements development and supports versioning, code merging and collaboration in an effective manner facilitate seamless code sharing and speeds up the entire process without the worry of even a single bit of code getting lost. There are various versioning system(s) in the market. However, I would be sharing my experiences and learning while migrating from subversion to Git and how the one inspite of serving us for years and its wide spread adoption had some shortcoming(s) and... Read More

User Behavior on forms

It all started with a debate on adding more fields on couple of our forms.The users always find it painful to fill forms.So our intent was to measure and reduce bounce-offs from a form of our jobs website for the gulf - The idea was as simple as that : to track the user behaviour on the form. Whatever the user does on the form will be logged and analyzed. We gave ourselves an additional objective of making sure that the page load time graph doesn't go north-wards after this tracking is added.After researching on some existing open-source options, we decided to write... Read More