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Apple Push Notification Service in Naukri

Having a job or career determines your self worth.  Yes, you heard it right! Knowing  you   can   do   something well and earn something for your skills is a great feeling. That’s  the   main motto of Naukri. To abridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters.   And  to   follow this, Apple Push Notification Service is one of the several services used in Naukri   ios   app.   It   is   a   service   provided   by   apple to send the push notifications to apple  devices.   Push notifications are a way to send the information to users and to bring them on board.  ... Read More

Push Notification for Web

What is Push Notification? If I say, web is heading towards ‘PUSH based’ content serving rather than tradition ‘PULL based’, hope you agree or you may not. Let me clear you the difference b/w both by giving an example:- Mr. X is working in an organization. He is well settled but fed-up with his job and now, looking for a change. He opens up any search engine and types his requirement. Search engine lists a number of job search portals but he is not aware of the right portal and thus wastes his time by going through each one of them. Here, did you notice one thing?? Search engine... Read More

Android Auto Complete with Real time suggestions

In an android app, when we attach an AutoCompleteTextView to display suggestions while a user is typing, we can fetch the list of suggestions in two ways. One way is to store the data in a local database and fetch it using a search query on the search keyword entered by the user. Another way is to fetch list of suggestions in real time, by generating a search url with the search keyword and hitting the web service. In the second approach, we fetch data directly from server, so whenever the list of suggestions changes, it gets reflected immediately in the app. Whereas in the first one, we... Read More

Google Cloud Messaging and its use for pushing notifications on Android App android mobile app for jobseekers enables users to get notifications anytime anywhere using Google Cloud Messaging or GCM service. In this post we will walk you through the details of GCM. GCM.. What is it? Google Cloud Messaging (GCM 3.0) is a free service that helps developers send messages across multiple platforms: Android, iOS, and Chrome. A server can send messages directly to single devices, groups of devices, or devices subscribed to particular topics. Using this service you can send data to your application whenever new data is available instead of making... Read More

Measuring Non User Initiated Events in Android Apps

We use Google Analytics to measure events like button clicks and generation of notifications etc... in our apps. With the help of this data we get to know how people are using our product, which enables us to identify areas of improvement and maximize the success of product in market.  Post publishing a version of the android app, we saw a spike in both the number of active users and sessions (in Google Analytics). However, at the same time we witnessed a decrease in the screen views/session. On investigating further, we found that since we are logging (in Google Analytics) some events... Read More

Mobile Debugging Made Easy

Mobile Debugging Become Easy Mobile devices are now the computing platform of choice for many business, user and consumers. In Naukri most of the applications are on mobile, frequent updates are required on them. During debugging we were facing many problems which were also very time consuming. Debugging Javascript on a mobile device can be maddening. I usually had no idea what went wrong, and I often got frustrated with a blank white screen and no clues. I could learn to use the debug tools available on each platform, but that would become onerous quickly. I was aware of... Read More

Integrate your Automation with Jenkins

  Automation testing has become a part and parcel of our testing @Naukri. With that, we have a complete test suite covering most test cases of the iOS App. However, the challenge was executing them periodically. One of the major ideas behind having automation suites in place is the fact that it relieves you of the manual intervention. Now! If we had to manually put it to execution, what a snag! There we had!! Jenkins, an open source CI tool which could execute Apache Ant and Apache Maven based projects as well as arbitrary shell scripts and Windows batch commands as... Read More