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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Continuous Integration for Android apps

By : Minni Arora Three years ago, Naukri launched a campaign titled 'Naukri on Mobile'. In order to establish mobile presence and for broader accessibility to the target audience, free job search apps on mobile for smartphones were introduced. Ever since then, the traffic from mobile applications is just rising.   With more and more features getting built into the app and the team expanding, both unit and integration testing came to the force. Unit testing is well established as a good practice for Web development, but is usually left behind when developing mobile apps. It is in... Read More

Choosing an SSO Protocol: SAML over OAuth2

Creating a new login for each system is not such a good user experience. As we know it is hard to remember more login credentials as we use more applications, this came as a problem which made us to thing about Single Sign On Service. If you have logged into an application (mobile app or web app) by clicking on a 'Login/Signup with Facebook' button you would know what we are talking about.   As a user you really doesn't want to know how SSO works, you just really want to need is a smoother user experience and a fewer logins and passwords to remember. So to provide this functionality we... Read More

Transferring Binary data through HTTP

Problem Statement: We have a http service (written in PHP) which is used for storing and fetching attachment/media files with more then 15 millions of request daily. As it is used to handle files instead of raw data, so the data transfer is always expected to be high and will always be a concern/challenge.Client needs both the meta-data plus the content from the service. Means an array of data has to be returned from the server end with below format:    Array ( "name" => "name", "filename" => "filename",  "extension" => "doc",  "content" => "BINARY... Read More