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Monthly Archives: July 2015

A smarter way to deal with icons: Font Icons

While working on the User Interface of a website, we, the Frontend Engineers @naukri are always focused on the performance of a web page. There are many factors which affect the same, and one of them is the usage of icons and images. Few decades back, all icons were used as individual images, leading to multiple server requests for each icon/image, which considerably affected the performance of a website. Then came image ‘sprites’ into picture. An image sprite is a collection of icons put into a single image. It automatically reduces the number of server requests, hence saving the... Read More

MySQL Data Sharding

Over the time with increased traffic and user base, data increases enormously. Large number of operations on Huge MySQL table becomes a bottleneck for an application.   Problems At Naukri, there was a case where a single myISAM MySQL table had more than 46 million records. Table size on disk was more than 250GB. Operations (select/insert/update/delete) on that table had become a bottleneck due to table locks and having to update large column indexes. With increasing traffic, scalability had become a serious concern.   Another major risk involved in having a single large table is data... Read More