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The All-New Naukri iOS App (6.0)

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Naukri iOS team is always on the lookout to keep its mobile app most updated with industry. Swift technology & new user interactions gave us a chance to pick up a major revamp. The passion of doing the best in performance (as per our mobile design principles for memory, size, network and speed) kept the engineering team motivated even more.

The latest Naukri iOS app release (v6.0) bundles new features and lots of technical improvements.

Naukri iOS App


Key Improvements:

  1. From Objective C to Swift:

The previous Naukri app codebase was written in Objective C. With this release we wrote the code from scratch using Swift as it offers more powerful tools and modern coding solutions for simpler, but expressive coding, app safety and performance. Moreover, the language is intuitive, and thus easier to learn for new programmers.

2. From MVC to MVVM architecture:

The old Naukri app was designed almost four years ago. While the MVC pattern made sense then, it’s unmanageable now.

Specifically, there were two major problem areas:

First, mature MVC architectures often face the struggles of massive view controllers. For instance, one of our controllers grew 3 times the original lines of code, due to too many responsibilities: business logic, data manipulation, data verification, networking logic, routing logic etc. It had become hard to manage.

With MVVM Design Pattern & Swift protocol oriented programming, we made the code-base modular, UT-able and easily understandable.

3. From Hamburger Menu to Tabbar:

Previously, we used Hamburger menu to show items which cannot be shown on the visible view. With the small size devices, it perfectly serves its purpose, but with big size devices such as iPhone X/ was not easy for users to reach the menu items. This led us to think of using Tabbar components in our app. Tabbar reduced the distance of touching the action points in app and so it increases the usability of the app.

4. Top notch UI:

The brand new UI of the app is quite enriched with new UI elements & options such as easy Swipe Back navigation. Vibrant tuples have been added to bring focus to important job tuples.

5. Performance:

With the MVVM architecture, protocols orientation programming & caching wherever needed, the app performance is way better than its predecessor. We always benchmark before releasing the app and the report shows an average of 30% improvement in page load time.

6. Swift Network Library yields 100% IT suites coverage:

Team has developed a native Swift network library which we are going to release on github soon. The library is made using the latest network api guidelines with very less code yet quite powerful. This library helped us to achieve the desired IT suites coverage.

7. More UT’able & Modular code:

With MVVM architecture & swift protocols implementation, code is more modular and UT’able as compared to the older app.

8. Interactive way of swiping,“go Back” feature:

We have added the interactive swipe back navigation feature throughout the App. Now, there is no need to press back button of navigation bar. Just start swiping the left edge of the iPhone.

9. 100% higher order function in Swift are used:

Higher Order Swift functions are used for filtering/merging/sorting of data which are very fast in execution as compared to Objective C functions.

If any of the above makes you interested to try out the new app and you can’t resist taking a sneak peak, check out the Job Search app on App Store now!

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