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A smarter way to deal with icons: Font Icons

While working on the User Interface of a website, we, the Frontend Engineers @naukri are always focused on the performance of a web page. There are many factors which affect the same, and one of them is the usage of icons and images. Few decades back, all icons were used as individual images, leading to multiple server requests for each icon/image, which considerably affected the performance of a website. Then came image ‘sprites’ into picture. An image sprite is a collection of icons put into a single image. It automatically reduces the number of server requests, hence saving the... Read More

Tools we use to build India’s No. 1 Jobs site –

  Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. - Archimedes   As Archimedes rightly pointed out, to do anything  worthwhile, one needs right tools. We are no exception. Building as India’s No. 1 job site, does require lot of tools. Our engineering teams on a daily basis rely on lot of tools for communication, design, development, deployment and monitoring of our applications.   In this article we will walk you through some of the applications that we use across all teams.   Jenkins - Jenkins is an open source... Read More