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Naukri Mobile application now supports offline mode

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The Mobile phone network in India though claims to have 4G but in reality the reliability and speed of the network is yet to reach and span whole India. Even in metro cities the continuity of the network is not perfect.

In such scenarios it became a technical challenge for the mobile app engineering team to come-up with solution that allows app users to use the app without worrying about network signal strength or availability.

Naukri IOS mobile application has a new offline feature that supports apply to jobs and edit of profile. The job seekers using the Naukri app can apply to cache jobs from JD in the absence of Internet connection. Likewise, the user can also edit profile details without requiring an active Internet connection. This is important for a better job search experience.

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The user can apply for as much as 20 jobs per day in the offline mode.The profile caching used to happen earlier as well, so the user could view the profile in absence of internet connection.

The changes made in the application in offline mode will be shown to the user with un-sync icon or with a proper message.

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Once the Internet connection is back, the requests, i.e., edits and applies, are sent in the background. The user is then properly notified of the status of the offline requests. In case of profile edits, this can be viewed on the notification screen. While the proper error messages and statuses are shown on the apply history page and JD in case of offline applies. In case of failed profile edits, un-synced changes screen is shown to the user from where the user can retry.

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The offline feature in Naukri apps has another challenge that a user has multiple end points through which his data can be changed. Keeping all of them in synch and maintaining the integrity of the data is a must for us. While the app is not connected to the internet, it maintains a Queue/Outbox in core data that chronologically stores the changes and applies from a user. Once the app gets access to the network it synchs the changes with server.

The changes made from the App in the offline mode are synced with my profile based on the last modified date to ensure that most recent changes are not overwritten.

With the release of the Offline Feature, we are expecting an increased user engagement in the application as the user is not restricted anywhere and is allowed to use the app irrespective of whether there is slow connection or no network at all.