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Hackathon 4.0

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Naukri Technology Team

What describes the success of an event? The fact that people want it to happen again very soon. Yes, Hackathon 3.0 ended with much appreciation and excitement with people discovering what they are capable of developing overnight, the response was indeed tremendous and hence the Naukri Engineering team wanted to have Hackathon twice an year.

So the fourth edition of Hackathon was held on 16th-17th January 2016, with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Employees gathered at the Naukri HQ in Noida for 24-hours of hacking fun. There were more than 50 impressive projects, many of which were completed by Sunday morning. Here’s a look at some of the action!

Saturday Morning Kickoff:

“Lets Hack” said Rajat, EVP Engineering, and everyone got into action. Be it regular desks, or meeting rooms or coffee table, be it regular chairs, or bean bags, everything was occupied by the participants and that marked the starting of this event. The projects were either self driven or suggested by Panel.

Hackathon 4.0, Naukri Engineering, Info Edge India Ltd,

Let’s Hack

Fun Activities: 

We at Naukri believe in having fun in everything we do. So why not Hackathon. This time we had fun contests as part of Hackathon as well. There were many games which were to be played in teams. Even these games tested the creativity of contestants and the results were impressive.

Hackathon 4.0, Naukri Engineering, Info Edge India Ltd,

Hackathon 4.0, Naukri Engineering, Info Edge India Ltd,

As we got along, participants were seen enjoying each and every moment of it. The countdown timer was creating a sense of thrill and excitement second by second. The best part was that people were not only inclined to work on their own projects, but were also seen guiding, understanding other’s projects and advising them with better approaches. That’s the spirit with which Naukri team works.

There were some rules regarding this competition:

  • A contributor can participate individually or as a team
  • Teams participating can have atmost 4 members
  • A contributor can be part of multiple teams
  • Only registered project(s) would be evaluated by “judges”

The contestants were awake whole night, with the goal of completing the project before the timer stops, and it was made possible with Snacks at regular intervals. The organizing team took care of every possible detail.

The contest was scheduled to end on the next day, ie 17th January, 10:00 AM. Happiness could be seen in people’s eyes despite being awake whole night. Everyone gathered in the common area and the countdown timer went 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. That marked the end of the event.

Hackathon 4.0, Naukri Engineering, Info Edge India Ltd,

Presentation Week:

The completed projects were scheduled for presentation on the same week itself, starting from 19th January. The projects were evaluated, the ideas were appreciated, and the contestants were given points based on overall creativity, completeness and various other factors. Various factors like scalability and reliability were stressed upon.

The judges chose the winners based on the above criteria and the winners got announced on 28th January, in the townhall meeting.


It was difficult for the judges to choose the best among the rest. Top 8 projects were shortlisted beforehand. They included:

  • Job Story
  • Orbit Suggestor
  • Ecelerity Mail- Log Reporting Tool
  • Stop Scrap
  • Grunt- Auto Versioning
  • Intelligent Compatibility Checker
  • Interactive and intelligent Naukri Chat Bot
  • Backup Buddy
Hackathon 4.0, Naukri Engineering, Info Edge India Ltd,

Winning Team: Stop Scrap (Himanshu, Neelesh, Siddharth and Nitin)

The top 3 among these were:

  1. Stop Scrap: A smart tool which prevents scraping of valuable data.
  2. Interactive and intelligent Naukri Chat Bot: A bot which assists the user in job search and applying for a job with voice inputs.
  3. Backup Buddy : Monitor the progress of backup and provides assurance checks to confirm backup integrity.

Want to join us for our next hackathon? We’re hiring!

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